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We are a Swiss tech start-up with an innovative approach to make the Real Estate more sustainable by making the buildings fully integrate the circular economy principles and be adaptable and reusable over multiple life-cycles.

What motivates us?

Will your Real Estate assets be safe in the future from


not meeting the needs?

Readapt your RE assets using owned components to meet the demands of your tenants

risking abandonment?

Protect your RE assets by relocating them to more profitable places


getting demolished?

Reuse your components in new developments and cut the costs of the investments  

Not sure?

You should consider investing in re-adaptable and reusable buildings

What is a reusable building?


A building that has been designed and built for a specific use (e.g. offices, appartments)

What are the advantages?

Abandonment proof

Real Estate assets can be relocated, readapted or traded at component level in cases when they are facing the risk of abandonment due to unforeseen events like for example, the situation in Detroit

High economic gains

When a Real Estate asset is not profitable anymore can be easily turned back into stock for new developments, reducing substantially the costs for the new investments


By reusing existing components into new developments the resource depletion, manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions and waste production are fully avoided

How can we build for reuse?

elementsAsset 31200.png

Using a set of sustainably manufactured components 

assembliesAsset 21200.png

Assembled together to create high-quality livable spaces

buildingsAsset 41200.png

That can be reconfigured over multiple life-cycles for different uses

How does our structural system work?

*patent filed: 119206090

News & updates

Guest lecture @ETHZ

March 2021

Aeternum's technology and business approach have been shared with the students @ETHZ 

Beyond 2020 conference

November 2020

Aeternum's technology has been presented at the Beyond 2020 online conference 

Grant awarded

EPFL Start-up Unit has awarded the Ignition grant to the founder of Aeternum

August 2020

Perspectives event 
poster2Asset 2@1200x.png

September 2020

Our prototype was presented at the Perspectives event organized by the Smart living lab

Meet the team


Eng. Alex Muresan

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Founder of Aeternum Technologies


Prof. Corentin Fivet

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Technical advisor


Prof. Dario Redaelli

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Technical advisor


Eng. Jan Brütting

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Technical advisor


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