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We are a Swiss tech start-up with an innovative approach to make Real Estate more sustainable by delivering buildings that fully integrate the circular economy principles by beeing adaptable and reusable over multiple life-cycles. 

Our motivation

our mission

To radically change the construction industry by combining the productization, industrialization, and digitalization principles with the most sustainable practices into clean, environmentally friendly, competitive, and user friendly RE products

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We make buildings that are safe from


Readapt your RE assets using owned components to meet the demands of your tenants


not meeting the needs


Protect your RE assets by relocating them to more profitable places



Reuse your components in new developments and cut the costs of the investments  


getting demolished

Our products are

multistory turn-key buildings that offer short term and long term flexibility
2x faster

Than any existing building system, for the execution and product delivery

Reaching SDGs before 2050 with scalable solutions

Net 0 CO2 emissions

Without constraining the use cases and future needs

Unlimited readaptations

Of initial investment by reusing the owned components in new developments

1/2 cost

Short term flexibility

Fast re-adaptability




Our products can be quickly transformed to adopt new functions and new uses, reusing the majority of the non-structural components at a fraction of the costs and 10x faster than any existing solution

Long term flexibility

Component reuse and relocation

Our products, which have been designed and built for specific needs and use cases in urban environment


of short and long term flexibility

Future proof

Real Estate assets can be re-adapted to new uses, relocated, and reused in new developments, or the components sold as commodities after the life-cycle ended

Better ROI

When Real Estate assets are no longer profitable/fitting the needs they can be easily disassembled and reused in new developments, reducing substantially the new CapEx


By reusing existing components into new developments the resource consumption, manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation are completely avoided

Image by Marian Kroell

Our modular building system

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Is based on a standardized, sustainably manufactured kit of components 

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Assembled together to create high-quality building spaces without constraining the column layout, the slab shape or the floor plan

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Which can be reconfigured over multiple life-cycles for different uses and new needs

Innovative solution

Re-adaptable, modular, loadbearing structure
*Patent application: WO2021083952A1
Image by Evgeniy Surzhan


Design, manufacturing, delivery, execution, monitoring, control, re-adaptation, and reuse integrated into one digital tool - BIM 

We offer our customers a high degree of customization of their products while the rest of the design is generated by our tool and fine-tuned by our experienced engineers and architects. The manufacturing and stock replenish are optimized for the fastest time to delivery. The execution is highly automated and allows for faster deadlines. The monitoring and control of the safety systems are also integrated. The database will be recalled within the tool for future re-adaptations or relocation and reuses.


News & updates

Grant awarded

 CBI booster by Innosuisse

Aeternum's project for developing circular flooring system was selected by CBI booster jury in February 2022

Meet the founding Team


Eng. Alex Muresan

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Founder and tech developer

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Eng. Ec. Karl Martin

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Co-founder and head of Operations


Prof. Corentin Fivet

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Technical advisor


Prof. Dario Redaelli

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Technical advisor


Eng. Jan Brütting

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Technical advisor


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