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Our first fully circular building 

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Aeternum presents The showroom

This is our first complete prototype. It is located in a dynamic context, next to multiple office buildings but close to the N-W residential area in Zollikofen, near Bern. It sits on the plot of a future residential development and it helps with the area activation.

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Complete assembly

It consists of a series of standardized components designed to be assembled, used, and reused in different configurations over multiple lifecycles. The elements were offsite manufactured and assembled on-site in no more than 2 days.

Meeting point

It will temporarily serve as a bookable meeting room as well as a place for small gatherings and social events for the local community in the vicinity.


Experimental lab

But for now, it serves as an experimental space during the development phase. We test novel internal finishing solutions together with their acoustic and thermal performance while combining new materials and manufacturing technics in order to validate our assumptions.



The N-W facade of the showroom serves as an example of how to reuse existing building components. The corrugated sheets were sourced from the facade of the neighboring building which will soon enter a renovation and transformation process.

The components have been delivered on-site in one usual-size road truck and assembled in place with the help of a small-size crane attached to a tractor. The process went well, especially the top slab which fitted into the slots first try, without any interventions. The whole assembly was done in two separate days due to a small manufacturing error in the walls which delayed the process.

The process

The showroom - prototype

  • Designed to be reused

  • Manufactured off-site

  • Easily assembled on-site

  • Uses biobased materials to reach the carbon neutrality target

  • Reuses materials from deconstruction

  • Serves as a testing lab for further technical development

  • To be used as a gathering point and flexible space for the local community

  • To be reused in the new building development

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